Welcome, dear friends.  Today must be a wonderful day for you, indeed, for you have just happened upon the site to our quaint, little city, Nollag.

Our treasured city was founded back in 1856 on November 20th.  Ever since that day we have thrived and flourished…with the exception of that big fire from fifty years after the founding.

While you’re here, we invite you to explore all the amenities that Nollag has to offer…our special kind of magic if you will.  Please peruse the site’s menu to read up on some of our best restaurants serving up some salivatingly savory dishes.  Might we suggest the muffuletta from Muffet’s?  Don’t forget to grab a sweet treat from Salty N. Sweets Sweets & Baked Goods and a cup of coffee from Beatrice Clark’s Caffeine and Bean Coffee Cafe, too!  Cap off your night with a pint or a cocktail at Brailin’s Brewery and Pub, while Mr. Brailin, himself, serenades you at the piano.

We hope you’ll do more than a little window shopping at the many unique and independently owned shops located in the heart of the Shopping District.  Grab a snazzy little number for a night out on the town from Fabulously Festooned Frocks and Alterations Dress Shopp.  Don’t forget about the kiddos!  Nick & Jack’s Tchotchkes & Toys Treasure Trove is bound to have that perfect plaything that will not be overlooked for the box it came in.

Are you contemplating becoming a part of our community?  We’re sure Nollag would be a perfect fit for you.  In fact, we hear there’s an open unit or two over at the Vermont Village apartments, located not too far from the Unversity of Nollag.

At the risk of this letter rambling, we’ll stop here and, once again, welcome you and hope you find just what you’re looking for in Nollag.  We can’t wait to meet you.

Sincerely, the founders of the Nollag Business Association,


Fulgencia Wick


Vitla Slaughter


Forina Baker



This website is dedicated to advertising a work of fiction I have created, working title being Christmas Bitch.  I encourage you to explore the website.  You will, in fact, find little blurbs about the restaurants and stores found in the fictitious city of Nollag.  In addition to this, you can learn more about the author, the synopsis of the novel, and even read the first chapter.  I hope you enjoy visiting Nollag.